Generators and Load carrying transport

Teach Solais offer a range of Generators and Equipment carrying vehicles to suit every type of production's needs.
From 2kW to 200kW output. In a variety of different forms including:

19 Tonne 200 KW 3 Phase/Single phase Switch over sets Load carrying Generator 
18 Tonne 160 KW Load Carrier Generators 3 Phase/Single phase Switch over sets fully fitted out with alloy shelving.
15 Tonne  75 KW & 60 KW Compact Load Carrier Generators, popular in tight city locations where space or access is tight.
50kW Landrover Defender 4x4 Generators for go anywhere power production.3.5 Tonne Drive on B Licence
40kW Canter Generator, 5 Tonne very compact and great for tight locations and fits inside a parking space while being super quiet.

Renault Master 66 KVA 3 Phase Load carrying Generator 3.5 Tonne Drive with B Licence
Renault Master Low loader Equipment carrier Alloy Shelving 3.5 Tonne Drive with B Licence

Mitsubishi Fuso Equipment carrier Alloy Shelving 3.5 Tonne Drive with B Licence
Volkswagen transporter Van. Drive with B Licence

2kW portable generators.